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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Photowalk with an old Industar 50-2 on a Leica M

Imagine a lazy Sunday, sunny outside, pleasant temperature, what do you think a normal person would do? Just go outside and enjoy the weather, no? But if you are a person like me, who thinks photography 24 hours per day, you will find for sure something to do with your gears… So I’ve decided to clean and re-organize all my vintage lenses that were somehow sadly abandoned in few boxes due to a recent moving and, as I’m in the mind […]

Featured on “The Telegraph” with my picture of Siena

Another nice discover today: my picture of Siena, “Piazza del Palio” in featured on “The Telegraph”, Travel and Destinations, for an nice inspiring article promoting… The 20 greatest destinations in Italy – and the best time to visit each one Even though they write about Verona on the head of the post, Siena is a very special place to visit once in your life, full of charm and great food, of course. If you like, you can see more pictures […]

The lady with the dog

Looking at the world from a lower point of view, like this cute dog among people. Canon EOS 5D Mark III EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM  at 70mm Inspired by the famous photographer Elliot Erwitt.      

Featured on KLM IFLY magazine, October edition!

Today i had the pleasant surprise to see one of my favorite pictures featured in a full page of the online KLM magazine, IFLY. The picture shows the amazing Neuschwanstein castle and is part of an article about the Romantic Strasse, in Germany, the wonderful path crossing the Bavarian region. I took this picture exactly one year ago, October; it was my first time visiting this wonder and i choose autumn period by purpose, in order to have the beautiful color […]

A pleasant vintage surprise…

…that is what happened yesterday once back home from work: a friend of mine (thanks Gwen), just gifted me an old Russian 35mm SLR camera, the Zenit-E. Hopefully, in my circle of friends is well known how much i love old cameras, i own more than 70 (see list here) and whenever i buy or receive a new one i’m excited like a kid who receive a present form Santa Claus!!! The camera is also equipped with the Industar 50-2 f3.5, a very […]

I’ve found the perfect travel tripod!

Finally, i may say! Well, actually i’m not a frequent user of tripods as i mostly shoot in daytime and i do street photography, but, you know that, when you leave it at home, then it will happen that you really need it. In less than one month i will be in Japan for another amazing photography experience and i want to be as light and comfortable as possible. I my personal process of reaching the perfection in terms of gears, […]

Portrait of a myth: Melusina

Walking down by the Alzette river in Luxembourg you can easily have a pleasant encounter with a legendary beauty, Melusina, the mermaid of the Granduchy, symbol of love. Few minutes before the sunset, I was chilling around the Grund district, with my Leica M 262 and i took some pictures to this beautiful model, attracted by the nice shape of the statue and the contrast between the green surrounding and the vibrant violet of the mermaid. To make the pictures more interesting, […]

My top 10 pictures sold in September 2016

Another month has passed and it’s time to check which are the top 10 sold images over the following agencies: Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, Bigstockphoto, Canstockphoto, 123RF, Photodune, Alamy, 500px. September has been a good month but surprisly the lowest so far (in 2016), even lower than August, but at the same time i’ve received more direct requests for assignments or image sales that are not counted in this balance. I’ve also produced a lot of new pictures, mostly food […]

How i speed up and improve my postproduction process with Lightroom presets and brushes

Do you know what happen when a photoshooting session ends? Either outdoor or in studio, whenever i’m looking through the viewfinder of my camera, i’m 100% happy but after that, the less exciting part starts. Well, i’m still excited when i download the pics on my computer but, once i have to start the post production and go through hundred of pictures to adjust or improve some aspects, i could lose my excitement. I’m not a fan of pixel peeping, i don’t […]