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Dopo il racconto del mio viaggio nel deserto, è ora il momento di pubblicare le foto scattate con la mia nuova Leica SL. Questa, è stata la prima volta perché, come gia scritto in un post di qualche giorno fa, l'ho ricevuta solo due giorni prima della partenza per l'Andalusia, senza neanche aver tempo di familiarizzare ocn i settaggi e i pulsanti. Amore a prima vista - Impressioni al primo utilizzo

After telling you the story about my experience in the desert of Tabernas, it's time to publish the photos taken with my new Leica SL. This was the first opportunity to use the camera, because, as I wrote in a post a few days ago, I received it only two days before leaving for Andalusia, without even having time to familiarize with all the settings and the buttons. Love at first sight - Impressions at first use

The very beginning of my road trip in Andalusia was immediately wonderful. After landing in Alicante and made a stop in the ugly city of Torre Vieja we left the coast and the landscape started to change often becoming ever more arid and hilly. Although the final destination was Granada, I had already planned to cross and take a short break in the desert of Tabernas, province of Almeria. The way to get there is very easy, and as it approaches, I felt like I was experiencing the same beautiful travel emotions