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Category : Leica

Vietnam – Day 11 – Tam Coc and local market in Ninh Binh

Finally rested, thanks to a nice long sleep in the comfortable bed of Limestone View Homestay, and after a good breakfast prepared by Dzung (Black coffee and pancakes with bananas), we went immediately riding our bikes in the direction of Tam Coc, for a first boat trip of the day. On the tin boat, rowing with the feet Getting early to Tam Coc (around 8:30), allows you to better enjoy the place without the crowds and bustle of tourists that invade […]

Vietnam – Day 10 – Tai Chi in Hanoi, cycling in Ninh Binh

After the long night in the VIP cabin of the King Express train, we arrived in Hanoi at 4:30 am, when the city, still in the dark ( there are no public lighting in the streets), was slowly to waking up. Fitness for everyone in Hanoi At first light, we walked from the station to the city old district (20-minute walk), and we began to notice more and more people, stretching and doing small physical exercises. Arrived at the Hoam Kiem […]

Vietnam – Day 7 – Sapa and the Can Cau local market

  The long night along the railways in northern Vietnam has gone very well, the comfortable cabin and pleasant conversations with our new Polish friends have relaxed to the point of having slept the whole time. Lao Cai, arrival at the station Once at this small station, we realized how touristic is this destination: just got off the train we were continuously bothered by people who wanted us to take a taxi or minibus to Sapa, an hour’s drive from […]

Vietnam – Day 8 – Trekking between rice paddies and Zhao tribes

Finally, this morning, we woke up with the sun and the blue sky’ and the scenery in front of us was just womderful: green mountains covered by rice fields, clouds blocked by the high peaks. 15km trekking, among the rice paddies and the Zhao minority tribes The trek was long but very funny. During the walk, was alternating stunning landscape and local tribes, in a relaxed atmosphere, typical Sunday. We even attended a religious celebration in the church of one of […]

Vietnam – Day 5 – Hoi An, elegant and frivolous

If there is a place that you really must not miss on your trip to Vietnam, this is Hoi An. Despite being heavily tourist, with all faults resulting from it, its beauty, elegance and frivolity, make it unique and special however. Colorful, lively and full of locals, here you will find perhaps the best food and you will be overwhelmed by its vibrant and romantic atmosphere. And why not, do yourself a nice dress tailored One of a kind, also […]

Vietnam – Day 4 – The crazy market of Binh Tay and the taylorman of Hoi An

Long day of traveling this, departing from Vinh Long to begin the ascent toward the center of Vietnam, going from Ho Chi Minh and final destination, Hoi An. The trip is in stages, with several changes of means of transport: scooters, minivans, taxis, bus, plane! Back to Ho Chi Minh City, in the Chinese district of Cholon. A few hours waiting in Ho Chi Minh, before taking the domestic flight to Danang, gave us the opportunity to visit the Chinese […]

Vietnam – Day 3 – Life on Mekong delta

This third day of travel, we will discover the life that takes place all around the Mekong and among his dark and dense waters. Obviously markets (Cai Be), but also small handicraft factories, such as bricks of clay and daily life that we observed in the slow and pleasant navigation along its canals. All very nice, a tour lasted about 4 hours and made tailored just for two of us. Total tour cost: 600.000VDN (25 €) Cai Be market Maybe because we […]

Vietnam – Day 3 – La vita sul delta del mekong

Questo terzo giorno di viaggio ci porta alla scoperta della vita che si svolge tutt’intorno al Mekong e tra le sue acque scure e dense. Mercati ovviamente (Cai Be), ma anche piccole fabbriche artigianali, come quella dei mattoni di argilla e attività vare che abbiamo osservato nella lenta e piacevolissima navigazione lungo i suoi canali. Tutto davvero molto bello, un giro durato 4 ore circa e fatto su misura solo per noi due. Costo del tour totale: 600.000VDN (25€) Mercato di […]

Food photography with a Leica M? Yes we can!

Italy is the heaven for genuine food and whenever I travel to visit my family in my hometown Mola di Bari, Puglia, I’m always tempted to organize a Food photography shooting taking the chance of having fresh fruits and vegetables from my parent’s farm and amazing prepared food from the best chef in the world: my mom! :-p But I always change my mind as I’m annoyed to carry over big and heavy equipment as for instance, the Canon 5D […]

New lens in my bag: Leica-M Summicron 28 f2 ASPH

In my long process of chasing the perfection, or better, the ideal combination of camera and lenses for my travel photography, today I’ve added an important and crucial masterpiece: the Leica-M Summicron 28 f2 ASPH, replacing the Summicron 35mm f2 ASPH. Given that I’m a very happy Leica user, after my switch from the DSLR world, I’ve decided to sell the ‘cron 35mm and replace it with the ‘cron 28mm, bought from my favourite dealer Newoldcamera in Milan (thanks, Ryuichi!). If you may don’t […]