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Category : Photography

I’ve found the perfect travel tripod!

Finally, i may say! Well, actually i’m not a frequent user of tripods as i mostly shoot in daytime and i do street photography, but, you know that, when you leave it at home, then it will happen that you really need it. In less than one month i will be in Japan for another amazing photography experience and i want to be as light and comfortable as possible. I my personal process of reaching the perfection in terms of gears, […]

Portrait of a myth: Melusina

Walking down by the Alzette river in Luxembourg you can easily have a pleasant encounter with a legendary beauty, Melusina, the mermaid of the Granduchy, symbol of love. Few minutes before the sunset, I was chilling around the Grund district, with my Leica M 262 and i took some pictures to this beautiful model, attracted by the nice shape of the statue and the contrast between the green surrounding and the vibrant violet of the mermaid. To make the pictures more interesting, […]

How i speed up and improve my postproduction process with Lightroom presets and brushes

Do you know what happen when a photoshooting session ends? Either outdoor or in studio, whenever i’m looking through the viewfinder of my camera, i’m 100% happy but after that, the less exciting part starts. Well, i’m still excited when i download the pics on my computer but, once i have to start the post production and go through hundred of pictures to adjust or improve some aspects, i could lose my excitement. I’m not a fan of pixel peeping, i don’t […]

Impressions from Versailles, the royal palace in France

Despite being literally invaded by tourists, the Chateau of Versailles is an incredible beautiful place just few kilometers far from Paris. As you may know, I’m not a fan of architecture photography or still life and, except for few interesting detail pictures, i had fun trying to photograph the interactions between the tourists and the place, a kind of “indoor street photography”. One of the common thing I’ve seen during the tour was a lot of people just hanging around […]

Bari and Beyond – featured on Flydoscope cover mag by Luxair!

This week opens with a nice news: a picture of me taken in Bari, in the iconic “Nderr to the lanz”, with the fisherman curling two beautiful fresh octopus, was used as the cover of the official magazine of Luxair to promote precisely flights to Bari. Double pride for me, the use of my photo on the cover and the promotion of my country of origin, Puglia.

Portraits, my thoughts…

There is a moment, while I take a portrait picture, as I observe the subject, in which my eye and his, touches to merge into a single line, which travels through the emotions of one and the other. The camera disappears, time stands still, his gaze goes straight to me. But I cannot know if it will happen and when it happens. That’s the challenge. It is a moment, an intense exchange that occurs only in a fraction of a […]

Stylish my Fuji X-T1 with the Gariz half case

Well, assuming that the X-T1 is a beautiful looking camera (other than high-end quality), how can i make it more stylish and at the same time protect the grip from usage wear and tear? I’ve looked on internet for something not too expensive, not too flashy and with a good quality, but all that i’ve found was not really catching and not convincing me: too “cheap, to invasive, to big, to old… So, at the end of the surf, i […]

Painted sunset in Luxembourg

October is probably the best month to see the sunset because the sky is often more warm and nature shows its beautiful colors. Luxembourg also hasthe perfect scenario because it combines lush vegetation to a modern and ancient architecture, all in the same frame. If to this we add a painted sky with delicate horizontal strokes then you just have to wait for the sun dips so the show begins. And the suspicion I had was right, when in the afternoon […]

The road through the jungle

Borneo, somewhere in the Sarawak jungle. Over this big hill, on top of a mountain in the heart of the jungle of Borneo, every day people from the IBAN village, walks to reach the huge pepper plantations and they come back home late in the afternoon, before the dark. I was there, hosted by the village, and i liked to observe these humble people coming back after an hard working day, while the kids were still playing all together in […]

Tokyo downtown

The best pictures are always the unexpected ones. I was just going to bed in my hotel room in the heart of Tokyo, but before i had a look out of my windows and played with my camera mounted on the tripod. Then i forgot this shot into my archive and discovered right after few months, and it was a very pleasant surprise… Fuji X-T1 + XF 10-24mm.