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Fun at Madame Tussauds in London, with a Leica Q

Last week I was in London for a pleasure trip with my sister and my nephew who had never been in the city before. Of course, it’s been a touristic stay, visiting the classic sightseeing, including the famous Madame Tussauds, where the waxworks of famous and historic people and also popular film character are exposed. I was not planning to do serious photography there, I mean, with my Leica Q, but only souvenirs snaps with the iphone. But, wait a moment…
Once in, I realized that this place could be a good gym where to train a kind of street photography, where the subjects, does’nt move at all!!
And having my nephew and my sister role playing with the statues, well, I realised I could make some nice photos.

How is photographing at Madame Tussaud

The main challenge there is, for sure, the light as it is everywhere almost dark and with different sources in different colors and temperatures. A real mess… Beside that, it is also very difficult to exclude other tourists from the shots as the venue is crowded.
In these kind of difficult situations, the Leica Q is a real Queen, discreet, elegant and effective! .
I shot most of the time using a wide aperture, f2 or even f1.7 in order to get more light without using any flash ( i hate flashes) At the end, a very touristic place, turned into a great set where to have fun and I think I stepped out with a bunch of very nice pictures. Have a look:

One more thing…

A rare picture of a very famous person. At his side, Johnny Deep. :-p
and me, with my buddy, Johnny…
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment or share. Sabino