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Happy Valentines’s day in Stop Motion – How it is made, behind the scenes

Love is in the air, so Happy Valentine’s day, folks!

Today I’m sharing with you a cool animation in Stop Motion I’ve created for the company I work with, FANUC Europe, in Luxembourg, with the help of my wonderful colleagues.

How it is made – Behind the scenes

This is for me the first time I create something with this technique, stop motion, but I always loved to give it a try as. I find it very fresh and playful, but very effective if you want to spread out a simple message.

Basically is very simple to realize, but you need a lot of patience and, even more important, you should have the complete animation clear in your mind.

The main concept is to place the elements on the stage, take a picture and move on, step by step, frame by frame, and continue. At the end, you will have a big number of still images that, once placed on a timeline, in sequence, will create an animation.

The gears

The setting was just a Canon 5D mk III with the EF 24-70mm at 50mm f8 ISO 400, a led light on the side, a remote shutter and lots of creativity and fun.

The camera was fixed on the tripod and looking down in order to have a perfect top view. On the table, I marked the four corners so to always see the frame limits without the need of watching always the camera rear screen.

Post Production

It took around 3 hours to do the shooting, and another hour for the post editing in Adobe Lightroom first, to export the images in .jpg and then Adobe Premiere for assembling and editing the final video.

The video:



And that’s all!

Cool isn’t?

Wish you a lovely romantic cheesy Valentine’s day,
thanks for reading (drop a comment if you like).

Sabino 🙂


  • Kiel

    14th February 2018

    This is awesome, Sabino! Great work and looking forward to seeing more of your creative work.

  • 23rd February 2018

    Such a cool concept! I love all the hard work you put into this!

  • scarywhitegirl

    27th February 2018

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