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Tag : Asia

Back(pack) on track! Pronto per un nuovo viaggio…

Sono passati ormai quasi 20 mesi dal mio ultimo grande viaggio non europeo, a Cuba, marzo del 2015, un’eternità per uno come me malato di viaggi. Ma si sa, la vita spesso ti chiede delle pause o dei rallentamenti, per qualsivoglia motivo. Oggi, finalmente, sono pronto a rimettere il backpack in spalla e tornare a sentire l’odore della strada, il rumore dei mercati, l’aria umida e appiccicosa, le lunghe camminate, i sorrisi e i ritratti di strada. La mia prossima meta […]

Back(pack) on track! Ready to travel again…

It’s been almost 20 months since my last big trip outside Europe, in Cuba, March 2015, an eternity ‘for someone like me mad to travel, but you know, life often asks for breaks or delays, for whatever reason. Today, finally, I’m ready to put the backpack on my shoulders and go smell the road, the noise of the markets, the humid, sticky air, long walks, smiles and street portraits. And my next destination is? All this can only bring me to one […]

Malaysia and Singapore: itinerary, photography bag and some news

Here we go, we leave in few days, ready to write another chapter of my beautiful book called “world”, new pages to be filled with images and emotions. Destination East, again, after Thailand and Japan, because it’s a land rich in history, culture, humanity and contrasts. Singapore, Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, a long journey of 16 days where I’ll see a little bit of everything: big cities, small villages, idyllic beaches and wild jungle. The Itinerary We (me and my beautiful […]