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Tag : Bari

Slow travel: from Luxembourg city to Mola di Bari, Puglia by train ( with a Leica Q)

Finally, It is time to be on the road again, or, in this case, on the rails… Yes, indeed, this time I’ve decided to start my journey at a much slower pace. because I want to enjoy and feel it. When and how the idea was born Before getting on board for my next long distance trip (I’ll tell you where soon…), I have few days free and I need to reach my hometown, Mola di Bari, in the south of Italy. […]

Featured! New photo publications in Uk and Italy…

Selling on the stock photos agencies as Fotolia and Shutterstock it is great but it has the downside of not knowing who bought my pictures and where they will be printed and published. So, time to time, either I do a research on my name on Google, or someone just writes me saying “hey, I’ve seen a picture there that seems one of yours…”. And here are two new features that iI discovered in these days, coming from UK and Italy. 1. Featured […]

Food Photography: i ricci di mare

Questa volta, il soggetto del mio photo shooting è uno straordinario frutto di mare, simbolo della mia terra e delizia per il palato: il riccio di mare.  Spinoso ma elegante, scrigno dei più pregiati sapori e profumi del mare, questo invertebrato marino è molto fotogenico grazie alla sua particolare e unica corazza di spine e all’elegante simmetria della polpa all’interno, dai colori spesso vibranti e invitanti. Un tuffo nel passato, quando “andavamo fare i ricci”   Quando ero piccolo, “andare […]

Food Photography: the sea urchins

This time, the subject of my photo shooting is an extraordinary seafood, the symbol of my land, and delight to the palate: the sea urchin. Prickly but elegant coffer of the finest flavours and scents of the sea, this marine invertebrate is very photogenic thanks to its special and unique armour of thorns and to the elegant symmetry of the pulp inside, often vibrant and inviting. A dive into my past, when “andavamo a fare i ricci” When I was […]

Food Photography: Zeppole, St. Joseph’s Day Traditional Italian Pastries

The subject of this new photo shooting is a dessert that takes me back in time to my childhood, when the days leading up to Father’s Day, the house was filled with a sweet scent of hot beignets and custard. I’m talking of “Zeppole di San Giuseppe”, delicious baked buns (also fried), filled with custard and decorated with icing sugar and cherry. A pastry for daddy According to tradition, these creamy donuts, are served on St. Joseph’s day, when Italy […]

Food Photography: Le zeppole di San Giuseppe

Il soggetto di questo mio nuovo photoshooting è un dolce che mi riporta indietro nel tempo, alla mia infanzia, quando, i giorni che precedevano la festa del papà, la casa si riempiva di un dolce profumo di bigne caldi e crema pasticcera. Sto parlando delle Zeppoline di San Giuseppe, deliziose ciambelline al forno (ma anche fritte), ripiene di crema pasticcera e decorate con zucchero a velo e amarena. Un dolce per papà La tradizione vuole che queste ciambelline cremose, vengano servite il giorno […]

Puglia mon amour – 10 giorni di puro godimento

Sono da poco tornato da un viaggio di 10 giorni in Puglia, la mia terra, dove ho deciso di festeggiare i miei 40 anni, circondato dalla mia famiglia e i miei amori. In attesa di un nuovo viaggio fotografico, questa è stata un’ottima occasione per immergermi nelle atmosfere, gli odori, i suoni e i sapori della mia terra natia. Questa volta ho lasciato a casa il corredo Leica perchè ho intenzione di organizzare un paio di sessioni di Food Photography, per […]

Puglia mon amour – 10 days of pure enjoyment

I have recently returned from a 10 day trip in Puglia, my homeland, where I decided to celebrate my 40 years, surrounded by my family and my loved. Waiting for a new photographic journey, this was a great opportunity to immerse me in the atmosphere, the smells, the sounds and the flavours of my homeland. This time I left home the Leica kit because I’m going to arrange a few of Food Photography sessions, to photograph a bit ‘typical Apulian […]

Bari and Beyond – featured on Flydoscope cover mag by Luxair!

This week opens with a nice news: a picture of me taken in Bari, in the iconic “Nderr to the lanz”, with the fisherman curling two beautiful fresh octopus, was used as the cover of the official magazine of Luxair to promote precisely flights to Bari. Double pride for me, the use of my photo on the cover and the promotion of my country of origin, Puglia.

Orecchiette baresi, inside the old town Bari.

Bari vecchia, the old town of this beautiful city on the seaside of Puglia, south of Italy, has a strong tradition about home made pasta, especially the orecchiette, these tiny delights that match perfectly with turnips or tomato sauce… mhhh… No, you cannot miss it, and before even thinking to photograph it, you must first try it 🙂 My roots are from this sunny side of Italy, from a small town just few kilometers from Bari and, shame on me, […]