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Tag : Leica

Featured in the Leica Master Shots Collection on LFI

Hooray! My picture has been favourited by the editors of the Leica Fotografie International and ranked among the very best photographs in the Leica Master Shots collection! So proud about it! About the picture This picture is part of a reportage I took at the local camel market in Al Ain, in the Emirates. The complete series is here: ūüĎȬ† To take this candid portrait I used my LEICA SL camera paired with the VARIO Elmarit SL 24-90mm f2.8, […]

White Luxembourg – Series of 15 streets photos

Hello there, how much do you like walking on a cold, wet, soft snow? Well, I have to admit, I’not a fan of it, I’d rather prefer the deep blue colour of a wavy sea, but it’s winter time, and I live in Luxembourg. Nothing more to add… :-p Ok, said that, a city covered by snow it surely offers great photo opportunities, and my challenge was to capture the mood of Luxembourg trying to add the human being element […]

Bologna, a collection of street photos

Recently I was in Italy for a very short trip over the weekend and during that time I spent one day and one night in Bologna., in the Emilia Romagna region, just an hour far (by train) from Milan. It was not the first time for me, actually, I did the military service in Bologna, just around 20 years ago! Woow, time flies… Since then, I never came back and, 20 years ago, I was not even close to being […]

Gianni Berengo Gardin – “What do you think constitutes a beautiful photo?”

Reading an interview with the Italian¬†photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin, celebrating the Leica Hall of Fame Award, I find this part very interesting an inspirational. and I wanted to share it with you: … What do you think constitutes a beautiful photo? I don‚Äôt like ‚Äėbeautiful‚Äô photos. I think they‚Äôre totally useless. That‚Äôs something I‚Äôve learned. I used to think ‚Äúwhat a beautiful photo‚ÄĚ, but one time, when I was still very young, Ugo Mulas was showing me his photos and […]

My London: candid moments of urban and street life Рwith a Leica M

Hello, folks! Today I want to bring you in¬†one of the most photographed places in the world, clearly a very touristic destination: London City. I know, you are already thinking about the Big Ben, the London Bridge, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and so on… Do these names sound familiar to you, right?¬†I must admit, also for me, the city was always just about that. Stay there, don’t leave, because this time I will show you a side of London that […]

Leica SL with Helios 44-M4 58 f2 in a swirl of lavender …

One of the reasons why I moved to Leica SL is the ability to use old lenses with an M42 mount, as I own several, bought for a few euros from the flea markets in Europe. ¬†The manual focus then is very fast and accurate thanks to the zoom function in the fantastic electronic viewfinder of Leica SL. Said so, whenever I have some free time, I pick one of the M42 lenses from my¬†special box and I’m going out […]

Back from the Leica event, in Wetzlar, I learned that … (impressions)

The new Leica M10 is a very good camera, really… Ok, don’t need to go up to Wetzlar to know it, but, to see it and test it, in the place in which it was conceived, it has another effect. The new Leica M10 is a thought product, reasoned, tailored to the photograph, like a perfectly cut and stitched¬†suit by a tailor. The body, in addition to being accurate in every detail and massive in the hands, heavy the right, […]

Di ritorno dall’evento Leica, a Wetzlar, ho imparato che… (riflessioni a caldo)

La Leica M10 √® una¬†gran bella¬†macchina,¬†davvero. Ok, non serviva andare fino a Wetzlar per saperlo, ma, vederla e provarla li, nel posto in cui √® stata concepita, ha un altro effetto. La Leica M10 √® un prodotto pensato, ragionato, creato su misura per la fotografia, come un abito perfettamente tagliato e cucito da un sarto. Il corpo macchina, oltre ad essere curato in ogni dettaglio e massiccio, pesante il giusto, ha pochissimi pulsanti esterni, solo il necessario per fare fotografia. […]

Big News: I’ve been invited to the Leica special event on January 2017

Today I received an email that made me happy as a child, and I never imagine it could ever happen. An early and very welcomed, Christmas gift. I’ve been invited to the special event Leica, at the¬†Leitz Park¬†in¬†Wetzlar, “Celebration of Photography”,¬†a two days event, where most likely will be introduced the new Leica M (10?),¬†¬†and where there will be the award ceremony and the meeting with the great photographer,¬†Joel Meyerovitz. Here is the invitation and the confirmation of the event […]

Grande novit√†: sono stato invitato all’evento speciale Leica di Gennaio 2017!

Oggi ho ricevuto una¬†email che¬†mi ha fatto felice come un bambino e che non immaginavo potesse mai accadere. Un regalone di Natale anticipato e molto gradito. Sono stato invitato all’evento speciale Leica, al Leitz Park di Wetzlar, “Celebration of Photography”, una serata dove molto probabilmente verr√† presentata la nuova Leica M (10?) e dove ci sar√† anche la premiazione e l’incontro con il grande fotografo Joel Meyerovitz. Ecco l’invito e la conferma della mia registrazione all’evento “Dear Mr Parente, Dear […]