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Tag : M42

My new old lens, promising a special bokeh: the Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Oreston 50mm f1.8 (test image gallery)

You know, I have a true passion for old vintage lenses and one of the reasons why I recently switched to the Leica SL is because this camera allows me to use almost any existing lens from the past. I own already several vintage lenses, but not only for collection purpose. Anytime I prepare my bag for a trip around the world, I open my box and I chose one or two vintage lens to carry with me. The advantage of a […]

Leica SL con Helios 44-M4 58 f2 in un vortice di lavanda…

Una delle ragioni principale per cui sono passato alla Leica SL, è la possibilità di utilizzare le vecchie lenti con attacco M42, visto che ne posseggo un bel pò, frutto di tanti giri ai mercatini dell’usato tra Francia e Germania. Anche se tutto manuale, la messa a fuoco è molto veloce e precisa con la Leica SL, grazie alla funzionalità di zoom nel mirino durante la ripresa, funzione che trovo fantastica! Detto questo, non appena ho un pò di tempo libero, prendo una lente […]

Leica SL with Helios 44-M4 58 f2 in a swirl of lavender …

One of the reasons why I moved to Leica SL is the ability to use old lenses with an M42 mount, as I own several, bought for a few euros from the flea markets in Europe.  The manual focus then is very fast and accurate thanks to the zoom function in the fantastic electronic viewfinder of Leica SL. Said so, whenever I have some free time, I pick one of the M42 lenses from my special box and I’m going out […]

That is my choice: Leica SL

After several weeks of dubbing, googling, reading reviews and watching videos on YouTube, it was enough to have an advice from a very good friend of me, Ryu from Newoldcamera to illuminate the way to choosing the right camera to pair with my Leica M. As already mentioned in the recent post (HERE), I came to the conclusion that the Leica M with the Summicron 28mm ASPH f2 is the perfect camera for the street photos, while I needed a […]

Ecco la mia scelta: Leica SL

Dopo diverse settimane di dubbi, ricerche, recensioni lette e video guardati su YouTube, è bastato il consiglio di un carissimo quanto espertissimo amico Ryu di Newoldcamera ad illuminarmi la via sulla scelta della macchina da affiancare alla mia Leica M. Come gia anticipato nel recente post (QUI), ero giunto alla conclusione che la Leica M con il Summicron 28mm ASPH f2, fosse la macchina perfetta per la foto di strada, mentre avevo bisogno di un corpo professionale per tutti quegli scatti […]

Photowalk with an old Industar 50-2 on a Leica M

Imagine a lazy Sunday, sunny outside, pleasant temperature, what do you think a normal person would do? Just go outside and enjoy the weather, no? But if you are a person like me, who thinks photography 24 hours per day, you will find for sure something to do with your gears… So I’ve decided to clean and re-organize all my vintage lenses that were somehow sadly abandoned in few boxes due to a recent moving and, as I’m in the mind […]