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Tag : portrait

Storia di un ritratto ad una donna vietnamita

Sono in Vietnam, nella splendida cittadina di Hoi An, e ho deciso di prendere una bicicletta per esplorare la campagna e i villaggi lontani dal centro. Mentre attraverso un piccolo villaggio di pescatori, alla mia sinistra, vedo tre persone sedute davanti la porta di casa intente a riparare una verde lunga rete da pesca. La scena mi sembra subito molto bella, naturale e semplice, ma è la donna al centro quella che subito attira tutta la mia attenzione. Prima cosa, osservo […]

Story of a portrait of a Vietnamese woman

Vietnam, in the ancient town of Hoi An, it’s a new day of my trip and I decided to take a bike to explore the countryside and the villages far away from the city. While cycling through a small fishing village, to my left, I see three people sitting in front of the front door, intent on repairing a long green fishing net. The scene seems just very nice, natural and simple, but is the woman at the centre that […]

Portrait of a myth: Melusina

Walking down by the Alzette river in Luxembourg you can easily have a pleasant encounter with a legendary beauty, Melusina, the mermaid of the Granduchy, symbol of love. Few minutes before the sunset, I was chilling around the Grund district, with my Leica M 262 and i took some pictures to this beautiful model, attracted by the nice shape of the statue and the contrast between the green surrounding and the vibrant violet of the mermaid. To make the pictures more interesting, […]

Portraits, my thoughts…

There is a moment, while I take a portrait picture, as I observe the subject, in which my eye and his, touches to merge into a single line, which travels through the emotions of one and the other. The camera disappears, time stands still, his gaze goes straight to me. But I cannot know if it will happen and when it happens. That’s the challenge. It is a moment, an intense exchange that occurs only in a fraction of a […]