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Tag : Summicron 28mm f2 ASPH

That is my choice: Leica SL

After several weeks of dubbing, googling, reading reviews and watching videos on YouTube, it was enough to have an advice from a very good friend of me, Ryu from Newoldcamera to illuminate the way to choosing the right camera to pair with my Leica M. As already mentioned in the recent post (HERE), I came to the conclusion that the Leica M with the Summicron 28mm ASPH f2 is the perfect camera for the street photos, while I needed a […]

The Wellenstein trail, 8 km hiking along the wine road in Luxembourg

The Wellenstein trail, 8 km hiking along the wine road in Luxembourg with my Leica M

Photo Series #01: Monsoons- Under a heavy rain

Today, I want to inaugurate a new initiative that I hope to repeat every week, time permitting. The idea is to publish, once a week a photo series of 10 or 12 frames, on a specific topic, like an online exhibition. These photographic series will also be posted on my profile Instagram and Twitter, as well as on my main website and any photos from the series can be purchased as a signed print. The photo series of this week is […]

Foto Serie #01: Monsoni – Sotto una pioggia battente

Oggi voglio inaugurare una nuova iniziativa che spero di poter ripetere ogni settimana, tempo permettendo. l’ìdea è quella di pubblicare, una volta a settimana una foto serie, di 10 o 12 foto, su un tema preciso, come fosse una mostra online. Queste serie fotografiche verranno pubblicate anche sul mio profilo Instagram e Twitter, oltre che sul mio sito principale ed ogni foto della serie è acquistabile come stampa firmata. La serie di questa settimana si intitola: Monsoni – Sotto una pioggia […]

Vietnam – Day 3 – Life on Mekong delta

This third day of travel, we will discover the life that takes place all around the Mekong and among his dark and dense waters. Obviously markets (Cai Be), but also small handicraft factories, such as bricks of clay and daily life that we observed in the slow and pleasant navigation along its canals. All very nice, a tour lasted about 4 hours and made tailored just for two of us. Total tour cost: 600.000VDN (25 €) Cai Be market Maybe because we […]

Moien Luxembourg

Moien Luxembourg! – I love how this view changes over the seasons and i think Autumn is the best among all.

Snap a picture – Summicron 28mm first essay

First essay with the Leica Summicron 28mm f2 ASPH, I’m already in love with this lens!!! Here we are in Luxembourg, from one of the most popular viewpoints, looking to the European district, called Kirchberg. I love how discreet is taking street photos with a Leica, so fast and silent! Here are some behind the scene pics:   Ciao e buona giornata, Sabino

New lens in my bag: Leica-M Summicron 28 f2 ASPH

In my long process of chasing the perfection, or better, the ideal combination of camera and lenses for my travel photography, today I’ve added an important and crucial masterpiece: the Leica-M Summicron 28 f2 ASPH, replacing the Summicron 35mm f2 ASPH. Given that I’m a very happy Leica user, after my switch from the DSLR world, I’ve decided to sell the ‘cron 35mm and replace it with the ‘cron 28mm, bought from my favourite dealer Newoldcamera in Milan (thanks, Ryuichi!). If you may don’t […]