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Tag : Vietnam

Photo Series #01: Monsoons- Under a heavy rain

Today, I want to inaugurate a new initiative that I hope to repeat every week, time permitting. The idea is to publish, once a week a photo series of 10 or 12 frames, on a specific topic, like an online exhibition. These photographic series will also be posted on my profile Instagram and Twitter, as well as on my main website and any photos from the series can be purchased as a signed print. The photo series of this week is […]

Barche vietnamite in Hoi An

Queste tipiche imbarcazioni in legno sono molto fotogeniche, soprattutto se guidate da una donna vietnamita con il tipico cappello conico. Ad Hoi An, lungo il fiume, se ne vedono molte e il momento migliore per fotografarle. è la mattina presto, quando i turisti in giro sono pochi e la luce è morbida e delicata. Per queste foto ho utilizzato, sulla Leica M typ 262, l’Elmarit 90mm, per isolare meglio il soggetto, eliminando ogni elemento di disturbo intorno. L’acqua del fiume come sfondo, […]

Vietnamese boats in Hoi An

These traditional wooden boats are very photogenic, especially if guided by a Vietnamese woman with traditional conical hat. In Hoi An, along the river, you can spot many of them, and the best time to photograph. is the early morning, when there are only few tourists around and the light is soft and delicate. For these photos I mounted, on the Leica M typ 262, the 90mm Elmarit f2.8, to better isolate the subject, eliminating any disturbance around. The green water […]

Storia di un ritratto ad una donna vietnamita

Sono in Vietnam, nella splendida cittadina di Hoi An, e ho deciso di prendere una bicicletta per esplorare la campagna e i villaggi lontani dal centro. Mentre attraverso un piccolo villaggio di pescatori, alla mia sinistra, vedo tre persone sedute davanti la porta di casa intente a riparare una verde lunga rete da pesca. La scena mi sembra subito molto bella, naturale e semplice, ma è la donna al centro quella che subito attira tutta la mia attenzione. Prima cosa, osservo […]

Story of a portrait of a Vietnamese woman

Vietnam, in the ancient town of Hoi An, it’s a new day of my trip and I decided to take a bike to explore the countryside and the villages far away from the city. While cycling through a small fishing village, to my left, I see three people sitting in front of the front door, intent on repairing a long green fishing net. The scene seems just very nice, natural and simple, but is the woman at the centre that […]

Vietnam – Day 9 – Sapa by motorbike, unforgettable moments and sadness goodbye.

The best way to explore the province of Sapa, admire the landscapes and learn about their tribes, it is with the motorbike, although the roads are in poor condition and full of stones, potholes, buffalo, dogs and chickens. All this, however, makes the guide fun and allows you to reach more villages in a day. Refueling in Sapa Before starting the scooter riding, we went from our village to the town of Sapa, to fill up with petrol. But to […]

Vietnam – Day 9 – Sapa in motorino, momenti indimenticabil e la tristezza di un addio.

Il modo migliore per esplorare la provincia di Sapa, ammirarne i paesaggi e conoscere le sue tribù, è con la moto, nonostante le strade siano in pessime condizioni e piene di sassi, buche, bufali, cani e galline. Tutto questo però, rende la guida divertentissima e permette di raggiungere più villaggi in una giornata. Rifornimento a Sapa Prima di cominciare il giro in scooter, siamo andati dal nostro villaggio alla cittadina di Sapa, per fare il pieno di benzina. Per raggiungerla […]

Vietnam – Day 7 – Sapa and the Can Cau local market

  The long night along the railways in northern Vietnam has gone very well, the comfortable cabin and pleasant conversations with our new Polish friends have relaxed to the point of having slept the whole time. Lao Cai, arrival at the station Once at this small station, we realized how touristic is this destination: just got off the train we were continuously bothered by people who wanted us to take a taxi or minibus to Sapa, an hour’s drive from […]

Vietnam – Day 8 – Trekking between rice paddies and Zhao tribes

Finally, this morning, we woke up with the sun and the blue sky’ and the scenery in front of us was just womderful: green mountains covered by rice fields, clouds blocked by the high peaks. 15km trekking, among the rice paddies and the Zhao minority tribes The trek was long but very funny. During the walk, was alternating stunning landscape and local tribes, in a relaxed atmosphere, typical Sunday. We even attended a religious celebration in the church of one of […]