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I traded my Leica lens for another…Leica lens

A new lens is in my bag as for today, but this time, for the sake of my bank account, I’ve not spent any cents. Yeah, it is possible, even for a Leica lens. How can?

Easy peasy, I traded one of my Leica lenses for another…Leica lens. An M for an R. Bad or good deal? mmh, to me, for now, very good, but will see in the future…

Anyhow, one of my trusted shops here in Luxembourg, Fototrade, showed in the shop window, a very interesting second hand

Leica APO Macro-Elmarit-R 100mm f/2.8

and the monkey on my shoulder, started screaming out loud…

The reason for the switch

Since I’ve bought the Leica SL, I’m trying to build the perfect set of lenses for all my needs, travel, street and still life studio photography. The only lens I was missing, or better, the option I was missing, is the close-up or macro photography,

But not because I want to see which pant is wearing a micro mosquito.

Usually, I use the macro lens for my food photography studio shooting, where I need to have a sharp image to sell on stock agencies, as Fotolia or Shutterstock. And so far I’ve always used the CANO EF 100mm f2.8, a gorgeous lens.

But I want now to have this option also on my Leica SL camera, and there it comes to the trade.

On the other hand, I had the Leica M Elmarit 90mm f2.8, a lens that over a year, was barely used on my cameras, SL or Leica M. The market value of the M 90mm was exactly the same as the price of the second-hand R-100mm so, I had not so many doubt to trade them, even after reading very positive review around some forums and websites.

And there it is, the new lens on my Leica SL.

(using the Novoflex adapter, LET/LER)

I will be in Puglia, very soon, and I’m planning to do another genuine food photography session in my parent’s farm.

So, stay tuned, keep following me because lots of new pictures are coming veeery soon 🙂

Thanks for reading,

cheers, Sabino