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#Vietnam – Day 0 – The flight

Alarm clock. 5:15 in the morning. Did I slept? Not really, too many thoughts in my head, the mind is already on the road since several days. Ok, out of bed now, I take a good espresso, an italian morning coffee , precisely, after which the long day can begin.

Latest check the suitcases.

It is always best to pack twice, the first tend to put everything I can, all my favorite T-shirts, pants, shorts and more, it seems that the I’ll change me 10 times a day during my trip. Therefore it is better to redo the suitcase the following day, when the emotional part is less decisive.

Then, shortly before the flight, I open the backpack as is too full, I absolutely i need to take off something. So, off beach towel, off a T-shirt, or rather two. If I’ll need something, I will buy it on the spot, here. So off even trousers. Ok, now all is in place, the suitcase is lighter and half the space is occupied by spare pens, notepads, balloons and dolls to give to children. This to me is an essential ritual in every trip. I love children and I love to see them smile and play.

Luxembourg-Paris-Ho Chi Min

Is a very long 17 hour journey all over, and to relax, despite a very quiet flight without turbulence, I’m torn between jazz & blues and episodes of “The big bang theory”!

AirFrance it is really demonstrated great company, impeccable and professional service, new aircraft with a cool infotainment service, with touch screens and lots of content. Only disappointment, the food, pretty bad.

I leave you now to the summary gallery of the day.

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